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On my way to the train this morning I saw a flyer with a piratey theme, even if the image they used was a slight alteration of the V for Vendetta facemask.It was for an event that is slated for June 14th and I initially took it to be something I was hearing about at BayCon, a number of my pirate type friends were going on about some gathering that was to be taking place sometime soon, when I was drawn to a pause by something in the lower right·hand corner...



This called for a closer look.

As scarey as this may sound, the scientologists seem to be holding a piratey event this month. Now, big geek that I am...I'm all about space pirates and whatnot. However, what images I've seen of Xenu do not lend themselves well to wearing an eyepatch...

...among other things!

There seems to be as much for scientology on this as there is against it. Either way this is beyond what I'd normally term wonky. Still, can't hurt to list some of this listed gunk.

I wipe my hands on the whole affair. If Xenu pops up on my door with a parrot on his shoulder...I'm dousing him in cracker sauce and feeding him to the parrot!
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