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xenu_rocks Week in Review - Week 25

Week 25 now up!

Staturday presents: the post-coital chill

This week has been a little calmer than usual flash-raid wise, as was expected. I have refrained from indexing theme proposal threads; I'll post when a kind of consensus on July's protest is reached.

Highlights include:

Possible fair game or police abuse in Sydney

Sydney Anon following scientologists handing out anit-Anon fliers were stopped and physically assaulted by undercover ‘police officers’ in what is either a case of deplorable police brutality or Scilons impersonating the police.

Angry Gay Pope Stalked for Two Days!

Hollywood Anon Angry Gay Pope picks up a Scilon tail after operation Sea Arrgh.

X-Zone interview with Scientologists / Anons

Last week, X-Zone (internationally syndicated radio show) had two Anon on the air, talking about Chanology. This week, it is the Scilon’s turn. More details and links in thread.

Hamburg Anons hold their first ever flash raid, targeting the CCHR.

Scientology protester faces court over ‘ambiguous’ sign -

A 57-year old protester has been charged with breach of the peace after carrying an “ambiguous” sign calling
Scientology a “cu*t” during Operation Sea Arrrgh in Edinburgh.

Scientology’s Own Banks - Private Owners get % of all sales - Tax Fraud?, the firm that processes payments for Scientology servers is owned by Scientology and exclusively staffed by high-ranking members. This means that any fees charged goes into private hands of high ranking Scientology members; this is one way they are trying to get money from their non-profit church into the private funds of high-ranking members.

Happy Staturday! Keep enturbulating!
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